Hi, we're JCI Southside. We try to learn new skills – and go to places that would normally be out of our reach – by working as a team.

In the last 12 months...

...we had a gin cruise around Dublin Bay, got TV & Radio training from Carr Communications, held a Mock Employment Law Tribunal, learned how to win a startup competition, held two open nights, ran and celebrated The Friendly Business Awards, and a bunch of other awesome stuff.

What is this?

JCI is a networked organisation for young professionals with the energy and curiosity to learn and try new things.

Who are you people?

Professionals, tradespeople, self-employed and business owners. JCI Southside has no special criteria for joining and definitely no criteria for exclusion. You just have to want to develop yourself.

What do you do?

Generally we as a group pick a skill we'd like to learn or an event we'd like to run – and then just go do it. It's exhausting and terrifying but absolutely worth it.

JCI Southside Leadership

If you've got an idea or a question, ask one of these guys.

Ben Stafford
Community Officer
Deirdre Farrell
Rob Munnelly JCI Southside
Rob Munnelly
Communications Officer
Susan Whelan
Training Officer

How To Join JCI Southside

All we ask is energy and a willingness to be part of a great team. Join hundreds of other young people who like to do stuff.

1. Just turn up to an event.
We hold regular monthly events aimed at upskilling our members and introducing them to people outside their industry silo. So come along to one and see if it’s for you. Take a look at some of JCI Dublin Southside's past events.
2. Fill out the world's shortest application form
See the form here. It's just to tell us a little about you, and nothing on the form will impact your membership of the organisation. We're open to anyone.
3. Get involved in a project.

Could be as small as helping book a conference room in a hotel. Ultimately, JCI Southside is looking for people willing to be an active part of a team.

3. That's it!

There are membership dues – €150 – that are paid on an annual rolling basis. Jump that hurdle and you're in. Don't worry, we're not weird.