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TV & Radio Training.

With Carr Communications

Practice your TV and Radio appearance in a real-world setting. Carr Communications will give you an immersive training in ‘how to be a success on television’, with practice in a mock TV panel appearance.

Know What To Expect

In addition, this strand is a great way to learn how a TV studio works, how to get the most out of it and how to not get caught off guard the first time you get there.

Promotion Through The Press.

PR: How The Professionals Do It

Learn how to promote yourself or your business by getting into the media. With Aisling Brady, PR Consultant

How To Get Into The News

Learn what local newspapers need, what content will make the front page, and how to negotiate advertising rates with them. And how to engage a journalist at a national newspaper, what they’re looking for and how to make it easy for them to print what you need them to print.


Business Promotion

Presentation Clinic
For anyone who wants to greatly improve their presenting and pitching skills. Get the benefit of 20 years of practical coaching and advice for anyone who needs to present to impress. With Andrew Keogh of Aristo.
Persuasive Speaking

Persuasive speaking – one of the original liberal arts, and the original art of leadership.

This module covers offence, defence, and a list of practical methods to change the mind of your opponent or your audience.

Public Speaking Training.

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Get great tips for and practice of public speaking in a safe environment with other beginners. Leave confident.

Debate Practice

Now that you've gotten some practice speaking on your feet, it's time to grow your confidence by practicing thinking on your feet.

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